Sewing Machine Day

12 Feb

Off to get a sewing machine or two today….

Singer 401A for all the somewhat heavy things I want to eventually make. I just saw it at the store yesterday before it closed and will be going back right when it opens today. Isn’t it beautiful? The reviews (#59-62 on the list) for the Singer 401A are just awesome.

And the other machine I will be getting is pictured below; the Singer 4166, which I will be ordering from Sewing enthusiasts have told me that a beginner such as I is better off buying from a specialty shop to get a quality machine, have the ability to take advantage of the free sewing lessons they offer, and to have someplace to go when something goes wrong. That is such great advice I would recommend too.

But I still opted for the route despite legit reasons not to, for the following reasons:
1) Return policy is the Nordstrom’s for sewing machines; if it breaks, want to exchange for something else, or simply if unsatisfied, simply return for a full refund
2) It has many options despite its 3/4 size, making it easier to be creative and to tote around to sewing classes I will take some place, and
3) It was a Martha Stewart pick (that may be a lame reason for some as she is a spokesperson for VSP, but nonetheless, it is true).

The drawback of going this way is waiting 7-10 business days and I actually have not seen the 4166 in person.

The reviews (# 68 & 69) also weren’t that bad at all. One mentioned that despite its size, it sewed through 4 layers of denim!

I will post up pictures of the actual ones when they are up and running! Yaay!

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