Something lost (Singer 401A)… something gained (Singer 201)….

17 Feb

So I went back to the thrift store the next day to pick up the Singer 401A below and when I got in, I saw that it had been sold… yes that was a very sad day for me….

But today, I snagged a 1938 Singer 201 off of Craigslist for $34 only a few minutes after it was listed.

It appears to be a good deal according to and

It turns on, motor runs, needle goes up and down.. so it appears to be all good but since I have to relearn to sew, I will not know until I try it out thoroughly and send it in for a tune-up. Meanwhile there is the pic of my 1938 Singer 201 above. More information about this collector’s item can be found at ISMACS and anything else you ever want to know about 201s can be found here.

One Response to “Something lost (Singer 401A)… something gained (Singer 201)….”

  1. Beth Shepherd January 28, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    I have the same 1938 machine & it is a great machine! It will sew through anything! I’m currently looking for a 401a though, I need a good machine that does different stitches. I have a Singer touch & sew 600 E, some call it the touch & swear… its such a pain, many flaws on that one! 🙂

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