Introducing….. Zoe! Welcome home, baby =)

20 Feb

She came in today and I am just in awe =) I have been thinking long and hard (half a day) for a name and have decided to name her Zoe 4166. Yes, it is close to my daughter’s name, Chloe, but it just seems so fitting. It’s a new model/machine and Suzy, though cute, just wasn’t “it.” Zoe also is Greek for “Life.” Sewing was once a part of my life and with a little inspiration from Dan Miller and a nudging from the hubby, I have stepped back into a “life” that once before made me so happy then and is sure to make me happy for the days to come. And also, Zoe is so fitting because the hubby says I can’t have a daughter named Zoe =(

So here she is, the baby of the family:

3 Responses to “Introducing….. Zoe! Welcome home, baby =)”

  1. sue May 12, 2009 at 8:44 pm #

    love your infectious desire to sew. Can you tell me how you are liking your little Zoe 4166? How does she handle, etc. I am looking for a machine for my daughter and thought that one would be perfect. Any insight would be so helpful.

  2. jennylou May 12, 2009 at 11:57 pm #

    thank you for stopping by sue…

    i am liking the 4166 very much and will buy another if I need to… but for you, as someone that is looking at their options, i will tell you the good and bad based on my experience thus far…

    The Good….

    1) it is really cute and can do a lot of pretty little things while fitting in an empty woven and padded picnic basket

    2) i am able to sew upholstery fabrics together, sticky/iron on velcro strips onto cotton fabrics, and sew iron-fused fabrics together for extra support without a problem (just a bit of noise at the hard parts).

    3) There is an option to not use the foot pedal – can be good or bad – as it requires the hand be off the fabric to turn off needle but my baby or pets have nothing to reach for on the floor.

    4) most of all, i am able to set the speed of the machine needle, especially helpful for a stickler like me who look at tiny details. the machine is programmed to start off slow each time you starts to sew and then moves to your programmed speed ensuring one isn’t caught of guard by machines that take off!

    The Bad

    1) The slow start each time can be annoying, especially when I was sewing a 9 foot by 8 foot rectangular backdrop which only need be straight lines.

    2) The throat is shorter giving me less space for fabric right of the needle so sewing big things can get annoying.

    3) The automatic needle and the instructions for it (written and dvd) was something I did not get but may just be me as a friend of mine maneuver the automatic threading with ease. Regardless, it is easy to thread the normal way too.

    Would I recommend it? Yes

    Especially for its decorative stitches that will serve well when making bags, wallets, detailing crafts, home decor and clothing. As I said, it can handle thicker fabrics with proper needles but for even heavier things, I would turn to my Singer 15-91 and Singer 201. The final straw that got me to buy this was a reviewer who said she sewed through 5 layers of denim with wase. Not like I need it, but it was impressive.

    Costco has this online and some of its stores at a great price and with its Nordstrom-like guarantee.

  3. sue May 15, 2009 at 12:49 am #

    thanks so much for the great help!. My daughter has just gotten into sewing/crafting, etc and is now making tutus and is currently hand stiching everything! Sounds like this could be a good little machine for her.
    thanks again!

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