Another addition: Singer 15-91

1 Mar

I picked up a Singer 15-91 from the Salvation Army yesterday Friday morning. I have been eying it for 2 weeks at its price of $85. More than double the cost of my Singer 201-2 but I was given 25% off and this one had everything all still with its original boxes too:

Tube of machine lube, all the different feet (7), and buttonholer and its attachments. I did find the original manual. It was my daughter who took it from the set! It is good to know that no one stole something from the Salvation Army Thrift for the sake of providing a high-demand collector’s item on eBay.


I could buy one off of ebay…. but it just isn’t the same. I called SA and they said it wasn’t there. Oh well…. still worth it as the same exact machine is currently on ebay for $300 with still more than a day to go.

Singer 15-91 EB Series
Sews through canvas, leather, etc.
Distributed from Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1953
Factory Name: Kilbowie in Clydebank, Scotland

She works fine… just needs a cleaning.
More information on this machine can be found here.

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