First Project: Drawstring Pants

26 Jun

As I said earlier, this week, we started on our first project – drawstring pants – after learning how to properly thread the machine, transfering the classroom pattern to our own pattern paper, then to our chosen cotton woven fabric. The image below is one of 2 pattern pieces of this project and called the Front Side Pattern.

There are 2 pattern pieces for the pants, a front piece pattern and a back piece pattern (fabric cut front x 2, back x 2) for a total for 4 fabric pieces. The steps to this project are:

*Transfer pattern to fabric making sure that the grainline of pattern is perpendicular to the selvage of the fabric.
*Cut fabric.
*Press the fabic pieces with a steam iron.
*Sew the side seams (SS) together with 1/2″ seam allowance.
*Press seams open.
*Fold one side of the seam under itself 1/8″ (press with iron).
*Sew at 1/16″ from its new edge.

You now have what is called a simple seam finish. Repeat for all seams. Pressing in between all steps is necessary for the best results and look of a finished garment.

Do the same for the sewing of the inside seams (IS), pressing and finishing with a simple seam.

By the time I left after the first week of class, I have sewn the pants’ Front Side piece seams together and the Back Side side seams and currently performing a clean seam finish to these seams. I am about 1/3 of the way for this project.

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