I wrote Sewingmachinesplus.com

13 Aug

because of their claim of

Low Price Guarantee

SewingMachinesPlus is committed to satisfying its customers with a low price guarantee. Have you found a product at a competitor’s store with a lower price? Let us know and we will not only match the price, but we will provide a discount of 10% of the initial price difference!

Guidelines for Price Matching:

  • The item must be sold by an authorized internet retailer for the item’s brand.
  • Auctions and eBay listings are NOT eligible for price matching.
  • The item on our site must be identical in model/part number to the competitor’s item.
  • The item must be available and purchaseable on another website.

I had to let them know since they asked…”Was this product being sold in a package deal with any other products?

No, just by itself and it does come with all the same things/feet/accessories your pc 420 does, but Joann is $200 cheaper. I will be buying a machine within 72 hours and with everything constant, Joann seems like the way to go.

I say this because… I was in your San Marcos store today and was shown the pc 210. i have Torrie Root’s business card with “PRW 210 $499 Palomar College tax included” written and signed by her and I later see on your website that it is $399!!! I don’t mean to be frank but if having and keeping our business is important as she said, then why the $100 difference. I was made to believe that I was saving money by not having to pay tax as the machine is $499 at the store. I’m not upset, just disheartened. My family is not rich or anything, but we do support business practices with integrity over low cost elsewhere all the time… but with either one, then what? thank you for taking the time to read.

To me, good business practice and integrity should ALWAYS be part of the packages anyone purchases. Purchasing from Joann gives me no service nor future service but it does keep $200 in my pocket when this machine needs to get serviced.

If Sewingmachineplus.com upholds their word with their low price guarantee, then I will have both… service and lowest cost… and that would be real nice =)

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