My personal experience

13 Aug

so i went to Sew Pro and was dealt by the sales manager. I told her i was from Palomar College blah blah blah…

and she told me that Palomar just bought a whole bunch of Magnolias and showed me the Magnolia machine. I corrected her by saying that a professor from Palomar had the Janome Magnolias but not the classrooms. She was looking right at me but just ignored the statement and didn’t flinch. She moves on.

She asked what price range i was looking into and I said $400 and split second, “That’s perfect!” I’ve worked a decade or so in sales so i was thinking…. whatever…

anyway, she tells me the best buy would be the Brother 210 and I told her i think that that was the one Palomar bought 30 of then of. she said then it would be good to have the machine for me at home since it was the same as the school. She also said she would take care of me.

So here’s the kicker… she tells me it is $499 ( I said only $400, didn’t i?) and later says she will take out the tax for me… so $499 out the door (written on her business card “PRW 210 $499 Palomar College tax included”). I go online to their website ( and see that the Brother PC 210 is $449 retail and on sale for $399 so WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!

I would complain but she’s the sales manager. i just don’t like business people like this and don’t business with such… the store is so big and nice and just has all this cool stuff but that service…. questionable….. what do you think?

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