Surprise Surprise!!!! Happy Early Birthday!

3 Nov

So hubby and I have been talks about getting a new machine since my litter Zoe Singer died on me months back the night before finals. But with money being tight, I’ve been on a mission to sell stuff I already have and buy/resale new items for profit. The past 2 weeks, I made $100 or so and still have active listings at to bring more money in.

I had mentioned that with a decent machine, I would be able to make and sell stuff on Etsy. He said last week that he will match me dollar per dollar toward my machine and I was stoked!

Today, he just bought it. YAY! He bought the LB6770THRD from Costco. It should be here within 7-10 days.

His reasoning was that I have been working so hard for 3 weeks straight to take care of him and the baby while they were both so sick and I being preggy-sick as well and this was just a thank you.

No hubby, thank YOU!!!!

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