Free Sewing Classes start January 27, 2010

21 Jan

some start at later dates…. 1/28, 2/1, 3/6, 4/10… it goes on and on….. averaging 16 weeks per topic Take a look at all the classes they offer! I have never been to these classes. I have heard that they are crowded in the beginning but as time goes on, people drop out and there is more space and more comfortable learning environment.  

The price is right and there are many different types of sewing you can choose from. has someone in this group gone through this system? reply below and tell us about it. I say, just get there early for a seat and bird’s eye view.I do not know if they have a required textbook for the class. 

I did the traditional route: Community Colleges @ Mesa College and Palomar as they offer them during the semester. I have gone through them both. Mesa in 2000 and Palomar in 2009. They fill up fast with Fashion major students and only recommended if you are up for a challenge as there is a lot more work required in these college level and college transferable courses than the Continuing Ed classes.  

The cost of community college courses is $26 per unit x 4; they count the apparel construction class as 3 units for lecture and 1 unit for lab. Consider also the cost of books. Mine was $140 when I took the sewing class at Palomar.

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