Free Nursing Cover Pattern

21 Feb

I used this as a guide to make one for Baby Isaiah early this morning at 2 am.  I finished past 430 am because I was real meticulous as it was my first nursing cover of this kind: instead if the D-rings, I attached a big button and made 3 button holes on the neck strap for mommy to choose from.  What took the most time was the double-sided bias tape binding I attached with hidden seams and then top stitching it on the 3 sides and the bottom.  It was a great color that accented the pattern of the fabric.

I was so tired from making it that I forgot to take a picture before gifting it.  I will see her again and will take a pic while in use =)

The moms ooohed and ahhhhed over it and one said that i win “the cutest gift” contest – there wasn’t one but that was sweet to say =)

I see making this for all the upcoming baby showers…. there are 2 currently on my calendar, not including mine.   It is just a matter of finding the time with school work and life.  Will I have to make them at 2 am?

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