Sewing Last Minute Halloween Costumes? Check it! (Pillowcase – Style)

26 Oct

I went to Joann’s yesterday and got a bunch of felt at $2.99/yard. (If you happen to take the last of the roll, they actually give you another discount on top of that!)  With that, I will be making some easy breezy costumes.  I got a yard of the following colors in felt: yellow, red, white, and black, as well as 2 packs of rick rack (wavy in medium).  My bill was just a few coins over $15, not bad for 4 costumes I will be making.

I will be making pillowcase-style costumes of the ladybug, the bee, and princess seen here from Simplicity Halloween pattern.  I will also be making an angel from the same concept.  Days ago, I picked up wings from the Dollar store (angel, princess, fairy, bee), so I have this itch to sew all these costumes.  Will my daughter wear them?  Probably not, but my goal is to just sew and get better at it in speed and technique.  one day, she will… til then, be inspired to sew for the sake of sewing =)

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