Free Sewing Pattern for Cricut Expression Cutting Machine

17 Oct

I don’t have a Cricut but I do definitely want one.  What I do have
is a sewing machine.  After looking online and wishing for one, I just have to stop until I make $ from sewing for me to have $ to have one of these things.  Til, then, I will sew away.


I found this link by Google-ing.  I went to to look for it the manual way and i was unable to do so.  Isn’t Google great (sometimes)?


The Wonder Bread Dress – Dana Made It Shirt Dress

6 Oct

A decade ago, i saw my cousin in law’s mailbox and thought it was the coolest thing ever… the Wonder Mail. Today, this is my Wonder Dress =)

Somewhat followed this but i did not use a shirt. i started with plain fabric. I also did not care for the waist band.  I did not do it yet, but prefer to make belts for these; chunky stretchy belts with big sparkly buttlerfly buckles on them…. or whatever else a little girl would like.

Martha Stewart’s Girl Shirt Dress

27 Sep

I get Martha’s emails daily and in this particular one, I laid eyes on this Shirt dress made from Daddy’s (or any available men’s) shirt.  It is not a new concept but I was so very was glad to see that there was a printable pattern for it.  I am a sucker for patterns and templates.  Yes, I can probably do a decent freehand for the many things I want to sew but the perfectionist in me starts screaming “Where’s the template?  No template? Move on!” or “Use the template!”  One day, maybe I will hear… “You got this; freehand it baby!” Yeah…. maybe.

 I did not make it out of a shirt but with about a yard of fabric, instead. With the rainy weather and the falling of leaves, I felt the urge to use this print out of my flannel stash.  I purchased this fabric last fall.  This is my first sewing project since July.  I supposed because I have talked his ears off about sewing again to the point that hubby took the kids and let me sew in peace; he tried his best, anyway.Oh and the tie can be detached and used as a headband =) Purdeeeee….

Welcome Back to Sewing – Extra Extra!

15 Sep

Well…. why… thank you =)

4th of July shirt and Hello Kitty Pillowcase dress

4 Jul

I had sewn the hubby’s shirt in my Sewing 101 class the previous Summer 2009 at the local community college and the Hello Kitty dress for my daughter just days before we headed out to our 4th of July events

4th of July Apron – Amy Butler Pattern

2 Jul

The pattern and directions were from Amy Butler’s In Stitches: More Than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects. I got the fabric from Joanns and this is actually a Joann’s Exclusive Print.  So rusty in my sewing and a perfectionist at the same time, this took me 3 days to complete.  Once it was done, I was very happy with it.  I wore it out on Independence day as if it was a skirt.  Got lots of looks and smiles.  No I was not only wearing the apron.  I had it over a pair of Levis (so American, right?) and a plain white shirt.  If I were to sew another one, I would make it shorter as it was just a bit too long for me as I am only 5′ 4″.  If you are taller than that, then the length would be perfect for you.

Independence Day 2010 Fabric Shopping

1 Jun

Oooooh LaLa…. what to make…what to make…..
Patriotic stash acquired yesterday

**Update on My So Called Life**

28 May

It has been approximately 152,640 minutes since I have posted on this blog and about 100 days since I have touched my sewing machine! 

So what brings me back?

My husband sent me some material about rekindling my passions, as in creative passions.  As we’ve heard before… life just simply happens and when we are not careful, we just lose touch of things that matter.  I am happy to say that I have not lost touch with my family and my home and if anything, it has gotten so much better even though I thought things could not get any better.

Since February 2010, a lot has happened.  In March, my daughter turned 3.  In April, I gave birth to our baby boy.  In mid-May, my classes for a possible degree in Consumer Sciences were finished.  All in between, I have been cooking and making our home as hospitable as it can be.  I have been schooling my daughter with whatever learning materials we can afford and acquire.  Before turning 3, she was able to read and months after, she was finally pottytrained.

With my school over and the husband currently living out his goals, I though of setting out to do the same.  So in the recent days and today, I have been thinking of goals and what to do.  There are plenty of things to do with two kids but I mean what to do outside of everyday life?

I came up with ten things and one of them will be sewing and blogging on my sewing.  I really do miss sewing but it has not and cannot be THE TOP priority at this time and was #10 on my list.  The sewing room has gone into some transformation due to the new needs in space for the new baby.  I still have everything but my sewing things just aren’t as open or laid out beckoning me to sit down nor is allready for use.  But my hope and goal is that I plug in the machine before the month is over.  I only have 4 days to do that but I shall set it as a goal… or it will be another month before I even think of sewing again.

What shall I make next?

MADE Dana’s Market Skirt

22 Mar

I stumbled upon Dana’s Blog and just could not resist this Market Skirt she featured in her tutorials section.  Then of course, life took over and put it in the back burner with everything else I’ve put back in the “back burner.”  Then one day, a member of our sewing group suggest we do this piece together along with another project and she was willing to assist us in making it.  Well oh well, what a perfect excuse to dig up my original intent.  So there we were for three hours and I came up with these, except for the Love shirt – that’s from Target =)

The Boy’s Tie Shirt was a tutorial by Saltwater Kids.

Free Nursing Cover Pattern

21 Feb

I used this as a guide to make one for Baby Isaiah early this morning at 2 am.  I finished past 430 am because I was real meticulous as it was my first nursing cover of this kind: instead if the D-rings, I attached a big button and made 3 button holes on the neck strap for mommy to choose from.  What took the most time was the double-sided bias tape binding I attached with hidden seams and then top stitching it on the 3 sides and the bottom.  It was a great color that accented the pattern of the fabric.

I was so tired from making it that I forgot to take a picture before gifting it.  I will see her again and will take a pic while in use =)

The moms ooohed and ahhhhed over it and one said that i win “the cutest gift” contest – there wasn’t one but that was sweet to say =)

I see making this for all the upcoming baby showers…. there are 2 currently on my calendar, not including mine.   It is just a matter of finding the time with school work and life.  Will I have to make them at 2 am?